Rockwells Grill & Bar
Mission, Best Western    |   32281 Lougheed Highway    |   604.820.5500 ext. 4


Buffet Dinner One

Minimum 40 Guests


Select THREE of the following:

  1. Tuscan Sundried Tomato & Olive Penne Salad
  2. Couscous, Nut & Cranberry Citrus Grain Salad
  3. European Mixed Greens with three dressings (Chef’s choice)
  4. Traditional Caesar Salad with croutons
  5. German Potato Salad with bacon, eggs, & green onion
  6. Oriental Ginger, Sweet Chili Egg Noodle Salad with sesame seeds and mixed Asian cut vegetables
  7. Cajun Country Coleslaw with kidney beans, carrots, red onion, bell peppers, finished with a blue cheese dressing
  8. Old fashioned Chef Salad with iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuce, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers, served with Chef’s choice of three dressings

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Rice Pilaf
  2. Mexi Rice
  3. Cajun Roasted Potatoes
  4. Italian Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Rigatoni with baby shrimp in a tarragon blush sauce
  2. Fussili Pesto Primavera with market vegetables
  3. Fussili Noodles in a green bean smoked salmon Alfredo sauce
  4. Penne Arrabiatta, a spicy robust tomato sauce with market vegetables and chorizo sausage

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Italian Herb Roasted Chicken, marinated with garlic, basil, oregano and thyme (chicken bone in)
  2. Louisiana Bayou Pork Loin, in a robust tomato sauce with green olives, sweet red onion, & bell peppers
  3. Traditional Dark & White Turkey with a sage, thyme apple essence and market vegetable dressing
  4. English Cut Baron of Beef with a rosemary Au Jus

Items are included in the Buffet:

  • Fresh baked dinners rolls served with whipped butter
  • Fresh cut market vegetables and dips
  • Fresh steamed market vegetables
  • A decorative pickle, olive and hot pepper tray
  • Assortment of dessert squares
  • Freshly brewed coffee and traditional teas