Rockwells Grill & Bar
Mission, Best Western    |   32281 Lougheed Highway    |   604.820.5500 ext. 4


Reception Platters

(Serves 30 guests unless otherwise noted)

BC Smoked Salmon Tray


Smoked Salmon tray served with sourdough crostini sliced red onion,
Capers and herbed cream cheese

Seafood Mirror


Fresh mussels, clams, prawns, candied and smoked salmon and peppered mackerel


Assorted Deli Meat Tray


Sliced deli meats including roast beef, pastrami, smoked turkey, salami and
black forest ham with fresh rolls assorted condiments and mustards

Poached Black Tiger Prawns



Served with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon (100 pcs)

Salmon Display Mirror


Poached wild salmon served with rye bread, red onions, capers & cream cheese

Assorted Sushi


Fresh California rolls, tuna maki & cucumber maki

Imported & Domestic Cheese Platter


Served with assorted crackers, French baguette & grapes

Seasonal Fresh Sliced Fruit Platter


Serves 30 guests

Assorted Relish Tray


Assortment of olives, whole young corn, pickled beets,
cocktail onions & sweet mixed pickles

Seasonal Fresh Vegetable Platter


Served with creamy garlic dip

Carved Slow Roasted Baron Of Beef



Served with fresh rolls and condiments.

Sugar Baked Ham Tray


Served with panini buns and assortments of mustards